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Vishal who is student of Class 12 in Allahabad City was suffering from ‘’Porn Addiction’’ for the past  3 years.  He was exposed to these videos thru Mobile when he was in class 9. As a result, it started affecting his studies and health. When his parents came to know about his problem last year, they took away mobile from him. But it did not help much as he started watching on his laptop and parent’s mobile when he got opportunity.  

He started daydreaming about Porn movies  and doing excessive masturbation. As a result, he was shown to a Psychiatrist who treated him with medicines. It also did not help him much as he was sleepy and drowsy most of the time.  

He came with his father in Healing Sphere two months ago. In the first session with him, it was revealed that he was suffering from Guilt, Shame and frequent disturbing dreams.  Proper counseling was done which helped him in removing feelings of guilt and shame. In next  3 sessions, focus was given on healing young mind which was filled with shame, guilt and fear. In the sessions, NLP Swish and Anchor techniques were used while he was hypnotized.
 Integrated NLP  & Hypnotherapy sessions  worked like charm. Another session on Age Regression helped him to get rid of bad memories of young age. He was also given Hypnotherapy Subliminal Suggestions audio as a home work. An EFT script was also given to him for practising in his home. Deep Breathing exercise was also taught to him.  Frequent Counselling and friendly inetraction helped him to clear his doubts and misconception about masturbation and other sexual behavior and boosted his confidence.
As a result he regained his confidence and got rid of addiction completely. Last week, he called me and informed that he is now giving 7-8 hours to study apart from school hours. He also informed that he has started preparations for qualifying Engineering Entrance Test. During sessions, he became very comfortable and friendly and now calls every week to prodly report his progress.  His parents are very happy now.   
- Atul Vajpeyi
(Name & personal details changed to ensure privacy)
In Healing Sphere, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Future Life Progression and Spirit Relese sessions are conducted by certified Past Life Regression/Hypnotherapy Therapist. The sessions are safe, peaceful and relaxing. The sessions are also conducted thru SKYPE. Appointment may be taken for booking a session. 
Healing Sphere is a holistic healing centre based in  Lucknow  in India. The centre  offers healing of mind, body and soul through a variety of new age healing techniques like Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Life between Lives (LBL), Spirit Release Therapy, Future Life Progression, Reiki,   EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mudra Vigyan and Meditation. 
The centre follows holistic approach in which other healing therapies are also integrated. For example  - with a typical Past Life Regression session, other healing therapies – Inner Child Healing, Reiki, Spirit Release Therapy EFT, and NLP are also used. The holistic approach gives a faster and lasting healing.  
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