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Let’s discover what pain really is & begin to release it. Specifically we will discover the sources of recurring or chronic physical pain, rather than an acute trauma. Before going into the pain itself, know that all pain in its various forms can be healed. You may not believe his, but it’s true. Let’s discover why.

It is important to realize that: Pain is a message from your body.
Most of us have been conditioned to ignore pain or to suppress it. That is the trouble!
Science has been searching for & creating various magic pills to instantly take away the pain. But this technique doesn’t address the cause of the pain. Without addressing the cause, it will keep re-occurring.
There is a reason that the pain manifested & the reason is often not what you think. Here’s an example:
Susan is in her 50s & goes golfing regularly. One morning she’s getting ready to go golfing, picks up her golf clubs wrong, & her arm starts to be in a constant state of pain.
She goes to the doctor. The doctor diagnoses the pain as tennis elbow & prescribes anti-inflammatories, tells her to ice it, and to go through 6 weeks of physical therapy.
Susan goes through the prescribed treatments & finds temporary relief. Years later, however, she is still having trouble with her arm and can’t do the activities that she loves. Plus, anytime she reaches for something with her arm, it triggers pain.
Now, if you asked Susan when her pain started & what was the cause, she would be adamant that she injured it picking up her golf clubs & that she has tennis elbow. She would say that it was caused by a physical trauma. While that was the initial trigger, it wasn’t the true cause. If her body was in a perfect state of ease at the time of the trauma, she would have healed up fairly quickly. The fact that she is experiencing pain from a physical trauma years later shows that there is an underlying emotional issue that needs to be healed in order for her body to come back into health.
The true cause of all physical pain is emotional pain.
Science is just beginning to understand how much negative beliefs & even a few words can impact a person’s life. To make it more complex, your DNA stores beliefs from your ancestors & some even say from past lives. These stored beliefs can create a predisposition to certain belief patterns.
For instance, you might notice that a family has had 3 generations where the fathers have left the mothers when pregnant, so the daughters have the belief, “If I get pregnant, then my husband will leave me.”
These type of negative beliefs can created havoc in your life. Remember that just because your family has a predisposition doesn’t mean that you will do the same. The more aware you are about it, the more understanding you have of why you are reacting the way you are reacting. This will help you change beliefs that you do not want & allow you to choose your reality.
There have been many psychological studies showing that when certain areas of the body are stimulated, memories will come into awareness. All of this information shapes how you perceive the world & determines your experience. Bringing the negative beliefs or pain into awareness can be a powerful tool to transform your life, heal your body, & even your DNA!
Let’s go back to Susan’s situation for a moment:
When Susan was 16, she loved music & wanted to pursue a music career. When she played music, she felt alive & inspired. Her mother wasn’t supportive of this being her career path, and they had a big argument. Susan’s mother declared that a musician wasn’t a real job & that she should be practical, find a steady job like a court clerk, & just do music on the side.
At the time of the argument, Susan was angry, but she had suppressed her sadness of not being supported in her passion. She choose to pursue music anyways.
Although she wasn’t stopped by her mother, the emotional pain was stored & a negative belief was created. She had created a belief that the world wouldn’t support her through a music career, that she had to do work she didn’t enjoy to make money & so she felt that there were conditions to being loved.
Forty years later, the belief was still wreaking havoc in her life, & it was also being mirrored in other parts of her life. Throughout Susan’s life, she wasn’t able to find people supportive of her music. She had to work practical jobs, work odd hours to get money & anytime she tried to reach for a goal, it was just out of reach.
When the situation with the golf clubs occurred, Susan had been holding the belief pattern of feeling unsupported. The emotions surrounding her feeling unsupported were currently present in her life at the time of the trauma, whether or not she was aware of them. Since the current emotion is relating to a previously established belief pattern, it is being triggered by the trauma because the emotion is also occurring in the NOW. The pain sticks around as a message for us to understand the emotions & related beliefs underlying the pain.
When your body has a vulnerable area, unresolved emotions get stuck there & are perceived as pain. There are all kinds of ways to describe pain. The type of pain is dependent on the type of emotion. Think about the words you are using to describe the pain: stabbing, throbbing, sharp, dull, ache, pulsating, takes my breath away, etc.
Once you can describe it, think about where the pain is occurring. What does that part of your body do for you? What does it prevent you from having to do?
The type of pain relates to the situation that created it. The area of your body can also give you clues as well.
Physical pain serves as a signal to our emotional pain. Awareness of your belief patterns begins to relieve your physical & emotional pain
People of authority can have a big impact on your beliefs. Especially as a child. Recent research suggests that our brains develop through age 25. The good news is that regardless of our childhood or negative experiences in our life, if you start to pay attention to the feeling of the pain, the thought & belief patterns in your mind about the pain, and the motives behind your actions regarding the pain, you can start to change your life and release the pain once and for all.
To find peace, you must be living in alignment with your soul.
Are you living the life of your dreams?
Are you settling for less or trying to please someone else?
Are you hard on yourself and think that you don’t deserve to be happy?
Do you believe that you are not worthy of love or abundance? Or that you are not smart enough?
You were born with everything that you need to find abundance and fulfillment. Your unique gifts are your expression and they need to be fully lived!
Ask yourself: “Who are you?” and “What makes you, YOU?”
The bottom line is that if you are not waking up each day excited to live, then you are probably not living in alignment with your soul. The pain is there to get you to wake up and make a change. It’s helping you to move forward in your life, to fully realize who you are.
To wrap it up:
Pay attention to the pain when it arises.
Acknowledge it’s presence without judging, condemning or resisting it.
If there are beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward, consciously identify them and realize that they are not true.
Take action and make changes that will help you be more in alignment with your true self.
When you first start trying to identify the emotional pain that is causing the physical pain, it might be difficult. It’s something that with practice becomes easier. It’s important to note that most people are not able to clearly see this relationship between physical pain and emotional pain because there is a time delay. The emotional pain comes first, then the physical pain can come much later. So the mind is unable to form a correlation between the cause and effect.
If you stick your finger in a fire, it will burn & cause pain right away. So to the mind, the cause & effect become clear immediately: fire burns & creates physical trauma.
The same cause and effect pattern is NOT clear between emotional pain and physical pain to the mind because of the time delay.
Every type of pain or suffering, including financial issues, ALL forms of health issues, relationship issues, spiritual disconnection, etc., are caused by emotional issues in your consciousness. It could be anger, frustration, greed, hatred, lack of self-worth, perfectionism, unnecessary guilt, etc. The cause of these emotional issues varies from person to person. And the way the emotional issues manifest as physical issues also varies.
The cause of pain is sometimes elusive & simply breaking it down can really help.
Here are some questions to ask yourself:
When the pain started, did any emotion trigger it?
When the pain started, did you feel any emotion during or immediately afterward?
If the pain is recurring, what was the initial event that started it?
Do you associate the part of the body in pain with a person, experience, fear or emotion?
Has anything changed in your life recently?
Have you had any conflicts recently?
What recurring thoughts & beliefs surround the pain when you tell others about it?
Typically there is an emotional belief behind every pain. Paying attention to your emotions will give you an indication of the belief behind the pain. Becoming aware of the belief and understanding that the belief could be an incorrect or delusional belief can go a long way in healing the pain.
Also, try not to put too much expectation on yourself to figure it all out as the cause may not be clear at first, & that’s perfectly fine. Just acknowledge the emotions & thoughts related to the pain as best you can. Be gentle with yourself. It can take time to process emotions and beliefs, and rest is very important. Give yourself the time needed to heal and to fully process the emotions that arise.
Please understand that the ideas in this article are meant to educate, empower, and be used as a complementary tool without conflicting with any medical advice from your doctor about your issues. Follow your doctor’s advice (or get a second or third opinion) and do any prescribed treatments.
Hopefully this information helps you begin to understand pain and its causes and effects more fully. Now, you can start to take steps to release ALL pain and truly heal!
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