Thoughts shape our Reality !!

                                                      Thoughts shape our Reality
The evolved being thinks or chooses thoughts consciously; the unevolved are mostly unaware of their thoughts. Either way, thought precedes action, felt, lived and experienced emotionally in a continuum of present moments.
While we are engaged in the emotional experience originating from the thought employed, we are usually lost in, immersed in the activity as long as our attention does not waver. There is one state which is exception to this, which we will take up later.
So we have a thought, a step behind the reality of the present moment which draws out from our basket of emotions, the specific emotion which corresponds to the frequency of the thought, so that just when the execution of the idea commences, thought rests & allows the emotions to engage in the experience which becomes our reality. Lived.
This process is happening continuously within us either consciously or unconsciously. Thought then, shapes our life, our destiny, which we live in the reality of present moments through corresponding emotions.
With this understanding, it is clear that if we want to have control over our lives we must be in control of our thoughts. The first step then, is to observe our thoughts, whether our own or merely passing through our brain. Unless we watch our thought, how can we move to the next steps of controlling thought & choosing thought?
Thought observation in itself has the concept of an observer & the observed; two entities. The observer is our soul consciousness, watching thought, originating or passing through the body, which we the soul are in occupation of temporarily to navigate & experience earth life.
The fact that we are unaware of thought reflects upon our undeveloped consciousness, our low stature on the evolutionary ladder. The idea is not to be overly critical or disparaging of ourselves but at the same time we must recognize where we stand. Recognition of the facts, our present coordinates, the truth, is the first step already in our evolutionary journey ahead.
By itself thought observation & with practice it’s control makes us alert & aware but what matters thereafter is what we choose to think. A person with physical strength for example may employ his strength for either good or bad, depending upon his inclination. Likewise with thought control attained, what matters is the content of our thought.
To generate right thought, the next step then is to contemplate the purpose of life & the worthy goals we would like to pursue & with us in control of thought & subsequently our emotions, we are poised to succeed.
A reasonable goal of life is happiness. Let us investigate how we may attain it, using thought as a tool at our disposal.
We may seek happiness outside of ourselves in the ego driven desires which however are fleeting & insatiable. Moreover, fear mirrors desire since we are always fearful to lose what we desire or are attached to. This path then seems destined to failure inevitably leading to misery & grief.
The other path is to seek happiness within ourselves. By merging our consciousness with the divine energy & experiencing it within us. This is the path of meditation or prayer. 
The happiness attained this way is enduring & also propels is ahead in evolution, preparing us for our next challenges beyond this primitive earth life.
We have been granted free-will. The reason for this is that our decision to embrace the divine within us must be voluntary. Just as a caged bird held by force is never really ours, God or the divine being all loving welcomes us in its fold only when we voluntarily choose to & awaken to the realisation that this is what we would like to do.
Thought determines our reality experienced through emotions. Our free-will determines the texture of our thought.
As mentioned earlier, the thoughts we select draws out from our consciousness those specific emotions which correspond to the same frequency as the thoughts we are entertaining. Thought then, being a step behind the present moment, using the emotions selected by it, enables us to experience the reality it has sought, in a continuum of present moments. Lived, through emotions.
If we choose low frequency thoughts prompted by the ego’s needs then the emotions which we make prominent are also low to engage in the feral experience. This is the ego driven attachment oriented life.
On the other hand if we the soul, as an observer choose exalted thoughts with a view to experiencing the divine energy within us then we draw from our consciousness similar high frequency emotions in sync with the divine. This is the prayer or meditation orientation. Through meditation, we evolve.
Now, as an observer to ourselves in a state of meditation, there being no doer, the observer & the observed merge in a unity, a singularity within the duality & then in this state of awareness we are no longer ‘lost’ in the reality of experiencing the now-moments within us because we the soul have also unified our consciousness with the divine within the body. Or as is said of Yoga; we have attained the union of the self with the self through the self. This is the only state of awareness when we are both in the moment & yet aware that we are in it. Free awareness!
A quick summary;
Thought precedes action. Action may not mean physical outward action; it may be inwards as well. Action is in the reality of the present moment & when in the action mode, thoughts rest & emotions live the experience. Evolved persons think thoughts consciously; the unevolved unconsciously.
Depending on the type of thought, it’s texture & frequency, a corresponding emotion is drawn forth to enable us live the experience in the reality of a continuum of present moments chosen by our thought. If our thoughts are of low frequency, so will our emotions be. If our thoughts are exalted, so will our emotions be.
We should therefore choose our thoughts wisely. Why languish in the shadows living in delusion? Let us embrace the divine light within. Now.
As we think, so we are!
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