How To Attain A Peaceful Mind !

All human beings inherently want to be in a state which is free of stress, anxiety & struggle. There is a deep knowing within us that life is supposed to be good, it’s supposed be joyful, peaceful & loving. However, our day to day experiences seem to indicate otherwise in that there are always things to worry about & struggle with. How can I be peaceful & be in a state of relaxed joy when I have a “life” to deal with, is a question most people seem to be asking within themselves. The secret lies in the simple instruction of “let go” that most spiritual teachers point to. Here are a few pointers on how to attain peace & joy in our day to day life.
Let Go of Your Argument With Life
It’s important to understand that life works in “totality” or wholeness. A human mind can only look at life in the form of “events”, which are usually out of context from the bigger picture of life. It’s not possible for the mind to figure out “why” something happened the way it happened. Let go of arguing with life, because you will never win the argument. Life belongs to life, not to the mind.
Don’t Resist Change, Allow It
It’s quite normal for the mind to become attached to familiar circumstances, & it’s always afraid of change. This habit of the mind to cling to circumstances is also the reason for its constant fear of loss. Life by its very nature is in a state of expansion or movement, always. Nothing remains the same for the long, everything changes. If you don’t resist this movement of change & you will notice that it’s all working for the better.
Find Happiness Within, Not Without
If you want to be in a peaceful state of being, you need to find the peace which never leaves you, the peace which is the very nature of the being that you are. Stop trying to find peace from external objects or circumstances. Everything physical is bound to change & hence can never give you a sense of peace if you are attached to it. The being that you are is always the same, it’s not changing, & it’s always at peace. Find your inner peace, by knowing who you really are.
Stop Trying to Succeed
Success can never be attained through struggle. If you achieve something through a lot of struggle, & effort, you can be sure that the end result will bring forth more struggles into your life. It’s an illusion to believe that you can attain happiness by “working hard” at achieving something. True abundance comes when you let go of struggle & allow life to bring you the circumstances that are most natural to you.
Let Life Create Your Reality
The root of all suffering is the desire for life to work the way you “want” it to work. The mind always wants to control life & hence it’s always living in conflict. If you want to attain a peaceful state of being, you need to let go of this “need” to manipulate life, & let life move the way it wants to move. The mind can never win against life; it can only struggle with life creating suffering for itself.
Surrender to the Well-Being that Life Wants to Bring You
Minds are very afraid of the word “surrender”. The truth however is that you realize your true freedom when you surrender your personal will & let life’s will operate through you. Life is a stream of well-being & by its very nature it always moves towards love, joy & peace. You are not surrendering to something terrible, but to something extremely loving & benevolent.
Let Go of Your Need to Know
The mind always wants to “know” how things are going to work out. Since there is no way of knowing it, the mind then starts to find means of securing its future through “pseudo” means of security. The paradox is that you come to deep security when you embrace, or surrender, to the inherent insecurity or uncertainty of life. Let go of trying to know, & let life bring you the knowing as & when it’s truly needed in the now.
In Conclusion
If you want to be peaceful you have to let go of being driven by the mind’s will. The mind is a conglomeration of external conditioning, & it operates purely through fear of survival. Life on the other hand is pure intelligence & works in wholeness. When you surrender to the movement of life & let your body be moved by this energy, you will experience peace, love & joy every moment of your existence.
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