“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and
no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”





 a holistic healing and wellness centre in Lucknow, India !

Past Life Regression

 Past Life Regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and reexperiencing your past lives. PLRT can heal deeper and get results much more quickly than many other therapeutic approaches. 


Hypnosis is a state of mind where the conscious mind becomes subdued, and one has greater access to the unconscious.


Reiki is a pure form of universal energy that is able to cleanse, heal, balance and remove any excess and negative energy that is present in a person’s body, Chakras, aura and in their environment.

What we do

  • Holistic Healing of Mind, Body & Soul

     Get yourself treated through a variety of new age healing techniques like Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),  Emotinal Freedom Technique (EFT), Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Life between Lives (LBL), Mudra Vigyan, Guided Meditation, Acupressure, Crystal Healing and Quantum Touch Healing.

  • Learning of Holistic Healing Techniques

     Learn powerful healing technique of Reiki (all levels  - I, II, III a & III b), Self Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Mudra Vigyan and Guided Meditation by expert and renowned Spiritual Masters in small supportive class setup with personal attention.

  • Conducting transformtional worshop on Self-Healing

     Attend our regular training worshops on "Stress Management", "Mind Power" or "Spiritual Healing & Rejuvenation" which enables participants to understand their potential to heal and eliminate Stress, Fear and Insecurity and bring back empowerment and control in their life.

Our Vision, Mission and Values !!


    The Vision of Healing Sphere is  provide choice and options to people by making available variety of new age healing techniques which gives equal importance to role of thoughts, repressed emotions and power of love in healing a person.


    Healing Sphere believes in healing a person holistically; at all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by using powerful healing therapies in a safe and compassionate environment..


     Emotions are energy. Repressed emotions block our energy, exhausting or maing us sick. Love itself is the healing  power and remedy for pains.






News And Events


    Avail Online Healing & Coaching Sessions !


    Healing Sphere is open for providing healing services and we are regularly conducting healing sessions through ONLINE mode only (Video/ Audio calls).


    Stress Management Workshop organized at Indian Overseas Bank

     Stress Management Workshop was recently organized for Branch Managers of Lucknow Region of Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) in Staff Training College. Mr. Atul Vajpeyi facilitated the worksho which was appreciated by participants for its useful tools and tips to combat stress.


    Team Healing Sphere met Hon'ble Governor of UP !

    Team Healing Sphere met Hon'ble Governor of UP, Smt. Anandiben Pate and apprised her about activities. She took keen interest in alternative healing therapies offered by Healing Sphere.


    Niramaya Healing Sessions !

    Healing Sphere presents "Niramaya", unique healing modalities through which healing of mind, body and soul is done in Healing Sphere. In these healing sessions, around 14 healing  therapies are used to bring fast and sustainable results.


    "Motivation for Better Performance" workshop organized at Andhra Bank !

    A workshop on "Motivation for Better Performance" for employees of Zonal office of Andhra Bank in Lucknow. . The workshop focused on sharing practical motivational tips, factors which affects motivation, tools to deal with stress and interactive session with participants.


    Healing Sphere participated in Healthy Lifestyle Carnival !

    Healing Sphere participated in "Jashn-e-Dil" a Healthy Life Style Carnival organised on the occasion of World Heart Day on September 27 at Lucknow by Helping hearts Foundation. Healing Sphere stall attracted many visitors and hands on information and  guidance were provided.


    New Healing therapies Introduced in Lucknow !!

    Healing Sphere introduced new healing therapies - Life Between Lives (LBL),  Ho'oponopono, Inner Child Healing, Spirit Releasement Therapy and Meeting with Spirit Guides in Lucknow recently !  


    Healing Sphere participated in a Health Camp at PHD Chamber of Commerce !

    Healing Sphere participated in a Health Camp organsid by Aarogya Global Health Care at PHD Chamber of Commerce on May 10. The day long event attracted many visitors who took keen interest in understanding benefits of alternative healing therapies.


    Regular Reiki Classes being organized !!

    Healing Sphere is regularly organizing Reiki classes for all levels (I,II, III A & III B) in Lucknow in which attunement is given by Reiki Grand Masters.


    Hypnotherapy MP 3 recordings launched !!

    Healing Sphere launched professional recording in MP 3 format on Weight Loss (Hindi), Stop Smoking (Hindi) and Improve Memory, Focus & Concentration during Exams for Students (Both in English & Hindi). Fast and Effective results are ensured thru regular use of recording. Please contact atul.healer@gmail.com for more details.


    Stress Management Workshop organized at Andhra Bank

    Stress Management Workshop was organized recently at Andhra Bank in Lucknow which was appreciated for useful techniques and tips which may be applied easily in daily life to combat stress.