How Self Healing practice of Reiki benefits !




After learning Reiki, student is expected to practice Reiki daily. There are many benefits of  self Healing Reiki practise which are listed below :-

1. Clearing space
The basics of Reiki space-clearing are covered in Jessica Miller's Reikie 1&2 class, with advanced space clearing covered in advanced seminars.

Heavy energy is like dirt, and while there is nothign wrong with dirt, you still do not want dirt in the house. Everything in the house will feel better if there is no dirt. Reiki can be used to clear the energy of your space, making it feel better and cleaner. Clutter tends to hold onto negative energy, but eliminiating that energy is not always realistic. Reiki allows the heavy energy to be released, making the space feel more open.

Mirrors are used for reflecting energy, but also can deplete energy from spaces. Test this with your own ki (see "Beyond the Basics). Energizing mirrors with Reiki can change mirrors, making them put positive energy into space.

2. Reiki Shower/Bath
For an energizing boost, you can put Reiki in the bathwater or on the showerhead. This helps relaxation; to wash away stress and icky, cranky eneries away. These bad energies are replaced with positive, good energy, leaving a person feeling more refreshed and clear. A mental-emotional symbol can be used to put a positive intention of tranquility or purification into the water. Bath gels or salt crystals can be energized this way, too, and given as gifts to loved ones.


3. Reiki Ceiling Fan / Prayer Wheel
Create an affirmation for your room. On a small piece of paper, draw Reiki symbols to strengthen and bless the paper. Clear off your ceiling fan, and on the ceiling-side of the blade, tape the affirmation. Take care to secure it tight enough so the breeze doesn't free the paper.

Every time the fan spins, it is sending that affirmation into the room.

Some Affirmation ideas:

* Success
* Abundance
* Love
* Happiness

4. Clearing Heavy Energy from Bed / Chair
Heavy stress energy tends to accumulate in furniture, where stressed people habitually spend time. Reiki can be very helpful for cleaning this energy. This is especially important when dealing with issues of depression. Heavy energy in furniture can keep people depressed.

To remove energy out of furniture, you can use the Japanese Technique Jacka Kiri Joka Ho. Take a belly breath, and breathe out in bursts as you make a karate chop over the area. Think of negative energy as tethered balloons. The karate chop breakes the strings, and releases the energy from furniture - letting it rise up anway like balloons. This is excellent to do with hotel beds as well!


5. TV Reiki / Social Reiki
One of the best things about Reiki is that it requires little concentration, to none at all. While doing Reiki in a formal session is preferred, many of us have lives with friends and family, and cannot take that time with them. Imagine your next family holiday, with loves ones gatheted around. Somebody might talk about their aches and pains, life challenge, or maybe a headache. You can take the time during these family gatherings to casually send Reiki while chit-chatting / watching TV. The Reiki will have the same, albeit smaller effects this way, no matter how you go about it.


6. Reiki Drinking Water & Food
Reiki can be eaten, and changes the flavor of food / drink! Did you know that? The next time you decide to have a drink of regular tap water, take a sip without Reiki. How does it taste? Pay attention to the feel and flavor of the water in your mouth. Take several sips to be sure. Now, use your Reiki 2 symbols to charge up the water. Taste it again. Did anything change? Feel free to add other Reiki symbols into the water to see if there's any variation. This is a fun Reiki "trick" to do at gatherings for other people to experience. Success rate is a bit dependent on the sensitivity of the people you're around, but I've experienced a 60-80% surprise level.

Reiki can also be stirred into food in a similar manner. This is an excellent way to sneak some extra ki and Reiki into your loved ones for positive energy.


7. Reiki Meditation Area
Meditation can be easier in high-energy places. Adding Reiki into your meditation space may help you do so easier. Test this theory before putting Reiki energy in your meditation space: Make a "cloud" of Reiki energy in front of you, and count from 1 to 5 in your head while outside the cloud. Then, put your head into the Reiki cloud; count again. What happened? Reiki energy tends to put people's minds into a natural meditation state. Meditating with Reiki can be simple as holding the image of Reiki symbols in your mind. You can also opt to fill your space with Reiki energy, and sit within.


8. Animal Reiki
Typically, animals love receiving, watching, experiencing Reiki. Working on animals is great because you can watch results happen without worry of a placebo. Animals do not know what Reiki is, but their issues will improve with Reiki sessions. Animals with health issues, elderly animals, or stressed animals with benefit greatly from Reiki treatments. Animals tend to need less time than humans. Some animals also like to walk away for a moment, unsure of Reiki, but most often come back for more. Animals know where and when they ant Reiki, and will often move themselves so the practitioner's hands fall on where they need to be.

9. Relationship Reiki
Reiki is fantastic for family relationships. As a form of spiritually guided life force energy, you can send Reiki because it works for the highest good. Whether you are visiting face to face or a country away, Reiki can reach loved ones no matter where they are. Reiki is great for sending a sense of calm, helping loved ones work through trials, support, and handling stres

  Learning Reiki offers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond its healing potential. By becoming a Reiki practitioner, you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and empowerment. The ability to channel Reiki healing energy not only benefits your own well-being but also enables you to support others on their healing paths. Whether you are seeking personal growth, stress relief, or an additional tool to enhance your professional practice, Reiki is a profound and accessible healing modality that can enrich your life in countless ways. Embrace the gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki and unlock its transformative benefits.

Reiki Learning classes for all levels from 1 to 3B are regularly conducted both in our centre In Lucknow, India and Online on small class setup for better learning. Duration of class is approximately 4-5 hours. After class, required support is provided to student.

Reiki class is taken by by Senior Reiki Grand Master who is having Reiki healing/teaching experience of more than 16 years. 

  Appointment for Reiki Class in Lucknow may be booked through WhatsApp number 09170000997.
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