My Favourite Prayers    05 Dec 2013      admin       Healing your life 

If GOD brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Happy moments, praise GOD.Difficult moments, seek GOD.Quiet moments, worship GOD.Painful moments, trust GOD.Every moment, thank GOD. Every time you pray, remember the sick and suffering in your Prayers.                             ____________________________________________________ 

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    The 7 Universal Laws    05 Dec 2013      admin       Law Of Attraction 

1. The Law of Attraction The ‘Law of Attraction’ states that whatever is broadcast out into the universe is joined by (or attracted to) energies that are of an equal frequency, resonance, or vibration. There are many ways to express the ‘Law of Attraction’: Where your attention goes, your energy flows. That which you think about expands. Like attracts like. That which is like unto itself is drawn.There are also a number of words that people, who don’t know about or understand this law, use to[...]

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