Intentional Goal Setting for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs !    28 Apr 2020      admin       Manifestation 

                                Intentional goal setting is a key part of any business, whether you are a coach, designer, artist, photographer or creative of any kind. It’s one of the foundations of a business plan and gives us a clear picture of how to achieve our goals and bigger vision. Intentional goal setting helps us stay focused, move the needle forward, and create more income and impact. As [...]

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    Online Healing & Counseling Sessions !    28 Apr 2020      admin       Healing your life 

             Currently, entire world is in grip of Corona Virus Pandemic where millions of people have suffered and thousands of people have lost their lives.   Unprecedented strict measures and steps taken by Governments all over world resulted in widespread fear and insecurity among people.  Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children.    To help people while they are in lo[...]

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