Forgiveness & Let it Go     27 Jun 2013      admin       Healing your life 

 “Whoever opts for revenge should dig two graves.” CHINESE PROVERB   Forgiveness is a door to peace and happiness. It is a small, narrow door, and cannot be entered without stooping. When we forgive someone for a mistake or a deliberate hurt, we still recognize it as such, but instead of lashing out or biting back, we attempt to see beyond it, free our self from  painful memory and let it go.Forgiving does not mean forgetting or condoning a wrong. Certainly it does not depend on a face[...]

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    Workshop on Stress Management    22 Jun 2013      admin       Events 

Attend and get immense benefit from our most popular workshop on“ STRESS MANAGEMENT”The comprehensive curriculum of “Stress Management” workshop covers Self Hypnosis and NLP techniques, Sub Conscious Mind Power techniques, Creative visualisation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and guided meditation.As a result, the workshop brings great emotional and spiritual growth, unlimited mind power and deep peace and relaxation to mind and body. As a bonus, the entir[...]

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    State of Being    17 Jun 2013      admin       Healing your life 

Being is state, such as being happy. You cannot explain state, nor can you do a state. You can only be a state. You cannot do happiness; you can only be happiness or be happy. Creation works as follows: being causes thinking, which causes speaking, which causes doing, which puts in place the system to receive and experience what you created in your being and thinking. Being is the First Cause.Being is what causes thinking. So, when you are happy, you will think happy thoughts. Thoughts spring fr[...]

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