How to Master Your Mood ?



To think that "I am the mind," is unaware-ness.
To know that mind is only a mechanism just as the body is, to know that the mind is separate.... The night comes, the morning comes: you don't get identified with the night. You don't say, "I am night," you don't say, "I am morning."

The night comes, the morning comes, the day comes, again the night comes; the wheel goes on moving, but you remain alert that you are not these things. The same is the case with the mind. Anger comes, but you forget—you become anger.

Greed comes, you forget—you become greed. Hate comes, you forget—you become hate. This is unawareness.

Awareness is watching that the mind is full of greed, full of anger, full of hate or full of lust, but you are simply a watcher. Then you can see greed arising, becoming a great, dark cloud, then dispersing—and you remain untouched. 

How long can it remain? Your anger is momentary, your greed is momentary, your lust is momentary. Just watch a little and you will be surprised: it comes and it goes. And you are remaining there unaffected, cool, calm.

­The most basic thing to remember is that when you are feeling good, in a mood of ecstasy, don't start thinking that it is going to be your permanent state. 

Live the moment as joyfully, as cheerfully as possible, knowing perfectly well that it has come and it will go—just like a breeze comes in your house, with all its fragrance and freshness, and goes out from the other door.

This is the most fundamental thing. 
If you start thinking in terms of making your ecstatic moments permanent, you have already started destroying them.
When they come, be grateful; when they leave, be thankful to existence.
Remain open. It will happen many times—don't be judgmental, don't be a chooser. Remain choiceless.

     By OSHO


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