Past Life / Age Regression Healing Sessions



Free yourself from your past Karmas, Traumas,




Clear your traumatic memories, Phobias, Sufferings & your limiting beliefs




And bring a Powerful Change in Your Life.




2 Sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours




(Live peacefully - free yourself from the past Karmas)




v  Two sessions are taken. The first session is Age Regression  in this life. This is journey from present to adolescence, childhood and upto womb !! Usually, the issues are cleared in this powerful age regression.


v  The second session is Past Life Healing Regression which is your personal journey into past lives. Any unresolved issues from Age Regression are easily solved in this amazingly powerful and deeply spiritual session.


v  The powerful Past Life Regression Healing Session gives new meaning and vision to life events. It is therapeutic, spiritual and emotionally enriching experience.


v  The duration of each session is from 1 hour to 1.5 hours. The session is done in person and privacy is maintained.


v  At the beginning of each session, discussion i made with client about issues   on which client would like to work on.  The guides are invited to help facilitate which past lives will be unveiled for learning purposes.


v  Any health , relationship or financial issues and condition like fear, phobia, traumas, a past life regression can be very beneficial. Many times we continue to work out issues in this life that we were not able to work through in the past life. You can find out if your health concern is linked to a past injury or disease or if a current troublesome relationship is linked to unresolved feelings from a past life. When we consciously become aware of why we have the issues or why we feel the way we do, these issues often resolve themselves, knowing that each of us is just playing a role for the purpose of learning the different lessons chosen by our higher self.




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