Amazing Healing thru Past Life Regression (PLR Therapy)




"Samsara-the Wheel of Existence, literally, the "Perpetual Wandering"-is the name by which is designated the sea of life ever restlessly heaving up and down, the symbol of this continuous process of ever again and again being born, growing old, suffering, and dying. (It) is constantly changing from moment to moment, (as lives) follow continuously one upon the other through inconceivable periods of time. Of this Samsara, a single lifetime constitutes only a vanishingly tiny fraction." - Gautama Buddha


Past-life-regression-therapy is a holistic therapy because it works on the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It transports one back to those times before one’s birth and regresses one to previous lifetimes. This is done to sort out problems that a person may be experiencing in the present. The reason for undertaking past-life-therapy is to improve the spiritual quality of our life, right now. Its chief objective is to make our life easier, better and more fulfilling, in this present moment. Past-life-regression therapy is a root cause therapy as it enables extremely deep change to take place at the very source of the problem. It does not deal with external symptoms. It directly addresses the internal cause.

During Past-Life-Regression the subject is regressed to another lifetime. In other words, the subject is helped to experience or relive past lives. The ‘regressor’ is the one who does this process of regression. In the process of regression the subject is first guided into deep states by giving constant suggestions. After reaching a ‘satisfactory’ level of altered state of consciousness, the subject is first regressed gradually down to the in-utero state (the time when subject was in the mother’s womb). During the in-utero state, the soul does not completely associate with the fetus. It keeps moving in and out of the fetus and spends most of the time in the astral realms. Hence, the subject when regressed to the in-utero state can relive glimpses of the souls experiences of inter-life states and memories of past lives. The subject is able to describe the experiences verbally. Even in this New Age, Past-Life-Regression remains one of the best techniques to energize the spirit of individuals by making them to journey into their past lives. By exploring our past lives we can find the solutions for all present life problems.

Cause and Effect:

Past-life-regression-therapy is based on the principles of cause and effect (also known as law of karma). Something that has been set in motion at some time in the past results in a corresponding effect on a person’s present physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being, at this moment. This cause may be a past desire, a past thought, past feeling, a past emotion, a past vow, a past promise, a past decision, a past evasion or a past traumatic experience.

Benefits of Past-Life-Regression:

Past-Life-Regression helps to heal chronic diseases. This is done in the following manner: Past-Life-Regression helps individuals to understand the karmic patterns involved and the resultant energy blockages. It is these energy blockages that manifest as diseases, which are sometimes chronic. The understanding that flows clears the energy blockages and thereby the disease is healed. Take the example of a person who has had a past life wherein he/she was never allowed to express his/her views or who had to pay a heavy price for having expressed them. In this lifetime, such a person may have a disease of the throat, which constantly hinders the person’s ability to talk normally. After reliving the past life and emerging with an understanding of the root cause, the energy blockages get cleared and the person gets healed of his/her throat disease.

Past-Life-Regression helps overcome Fears and Phobias:

Past-Life-Regression releases individuals from all kinds of fears and phobias by bringing about an understanding of the specific causes of these fears and phobias. The causes are mostly present in the previous lives. They could also be present in the earlier part of the current life. For example a person who had this fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia) had experienced a past life where he was buried alive in an earthquake. Once he relived this trauma, he was able to overcome his claustrophobia immediately.

Past-Life-Regression improves one’s inter-personal relationships:

Past-Life-Regression improves one’s interpersonal relationships by causing the person to understand the past life relationships with those individuals. Till this is understood, clashes and friction with one’s present lifetime’s relations is inevitable. Once the understanding flows, the person is able to see the larger perspective and therefore the relationships are improved or ‘healed’.

Past-Life-Regression frees us from the fear of death once and for all:

Past-Life- Regression frees us from the fear of death once and for all. The fear of death is the biggest of all fears plaguing mankind. Past-Life-Regression helps us to explore our past lives and through this exploration we realize that we are eternal beings. We understand that death is a mere transition from one state to another and that the essence of our being continues into eternity as we have lived before and are going to live again after ‘death’. Moreover, once an individual has relived his/her past lives, he/she validates this understanding in the light of the personal experiences had. This removes the fear of death once and for all.

Why do we reincarnate?

The reasons for reincarnation are:

To learn lessons:

Consider the whole earth as one training school. We cannot complete our training unless we study and graduate from one level, move on to the next level and continue this process till we attain mastery. This is the fundamental and most important reason for reincarnation. Most of the other reasons are offshoots of this reason. Take the example of a school. If we fail in one grade, we have to repeat the grade till we pass it. So also with our lives on earth. If we do not learn our lessons properly, we keep returning till we learn all the lessons. Learning the lessons properly is the key to our spiritual growth and eventual freedom from the cycle of birth and death. Our spiritual growth depends on how well we learn our lessons.

To have fun:

We incarnate to have fun. We incarnate to experience the beauty of creation, and that is fun. We incarnate to express our creativity, and that too is fun. There is no limit to the beauty of creation. Even our creative abilities are limitless. There are infinite ways of experiencing the beauty of creation. There are also infinite ways of expressing our creativity. Therefore, the experiences possible are far too many to go through in one incarnation and hence the longing for the soul to reincarnate again and again. Though the experiences of the soul are equally valid whether we are in incarnation or not, the joy of creation can be experienced only when we are on this physical plane of existence.

To teach:

After the soul has learnt all the lessons required to be learnt, it does not have to reincarnate. However, such a soul may choose to reincarnate to help in the evolution of the other souls who are still caught in the cycle of birth and death. The main work done by such souls when they reincarnate is teaching. They work for creating a shift in the consciousness of the people on earth.

How many sessions are recommended?

The greatest healing and transformation occurs when people commit to at least three sessions dedicated to past lives . This enables you to experience a variety of past lives and gain great insight and healing over time. I recommend that new clients schedule three one-hour sessions on past lives and two sessions on Age Regression and Inner Child Healing to achieve the most effective results. The sessions are taken in a safe and supportive environment. You will only experience traumatic memories if you are ready to let go of them. You’re in charge! Releasing emotional and/or physical trauma stored in the body and mind is very healing. Most people feel relieved, refreshed, and more peaceful after discovering hidden past-life memories that may have caused unnecessary anxieties and phobias in the present life.

What Results Can I Expect?

Past Life Regression is one of the most effective psychological and transpersonal tools available and often saves many years of psychotherapy, however, nothing is a panacea and rarely does just one or two sessions solve a lifetime of problems and habits. People often notice profound changes after one or two regressions, but without continued work and follow-up, these changes tend to be short lived. Rarely does one past life hold the answer to all of our problems, nor does one regression cover all the subtleties and insights of a given life. Our past lives were lived in the same way that your present life is, with growth spurts, times of stagnation, moments of sorrow as well as joy. Dedicated and consistent effort in your healing process provides the best results. In the case of regression therapy, you will find that a series of lives around this issue. Successful lives around particular problems can be accessed to give you more resources and energy to move forward, difficult and painful lives can be brought to closure and redirected, again to give you more energy and resources to your own personal becoming.


Healing Sphere is a holistic healing centre in Lucknow India. The centre offers healing of mind, body and soul through a variety of new age healing techniques like Past Life Regression, Reiki, Magnet Therapy, Crystal Healing, Acupressure, Quantum Touch Healing, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Inner Child Healing and Hypnotherapy. Past Life Regression sessions may be taken at the centre which are safe, relaxing and peaceful.

All sessions are conducted by our certified Past Life Regression Therapist. Appointment may be taken for booking sessions.





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