Healing Sphere Reiki Lineage


Healing Sphere is a holistic healing centre based in  Lucknow  in India. The centre  offers healing of mind, body and soul through a variety of new age healing techniques like HypnotherapyPast Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Life between Lives (LBL), Spirit Release Therapy, Future Life Progression, Reiki,  Magnet Therapy, Acupressure, Crystal Healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Essential Oils,  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Mudra Vigyan and Meditation.  

 The centre follows holistic approach in which other healing therapies are also integrated. For example  - with a typical Past Life Regression session, other healing therapies – Inner Child Healing, Reiki, Spirit Release Therapy EFT, and NLP are also used. The holistic approach gives a faster and lasting healing.  

 With normal Reiki sessions, Acupressure, Crystal Healing, Magnet Therapy are also used. Essential Oils are used as per requirement and need.

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