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Are you suffering from emotional hurt & pain, fears, anger, guilt, sadness , loneliness, shame and frustrations ? Finding yourself trapped in over-thinking, frequent emotional outbursts, low self-esteem, shame and anxiety. Get healed yourself from these unsupportive condition thru powerful NLP / Hypnotherapy / Age Regression / Inner Child Healing / Cord Cutting / Reiki / Energy Balancing / Chakra Healing Sessions which are safe and effective.

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Online Healing Sessions are also conducted and can be taken anywhere in world through Holistic Healing Sessions comprising Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Inner Child Healing, NLP, Past Life Regression and coaching. These Sessions are conducted on one to one basis through video / audio calls.

In Healing Sphere, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Akashik Records, Inner Child Healing, Hypnotherapy and Access Body Consciousness sessions are conducted by certified Past Life Regression / Hypnotherapy Therapist. The sessions are safe, peaceful and relaxing. Appointment may be taken for booking a session.

Healing Sphere is a holistic healing centre based in Lucknow in India. The centre offers healing of mind, body and soul through a variety of new age healing techniques. 

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