7 Things that affect your vibrational frequency !

"SEVEN " Things that affect your vibrational frequency from the point of view of physics.
Vibration in quantum physics means that everything is energy.
Any feeling causes you to emit a vibration that can be Positive Or Negative.
1st - The Thoughts
Every thought you have emits a frequency to the Universe, and that frequency returns to the origin, in this case you! So if you have negative thoughts and sadness this will all come back to you. That is why it is so important that you take care of the quality of your thoughts and learn to cultivate more positive thoughts.
2nd - The Companies
People around you have a direct influence on your frequency. If you stand beside cheerful people, you too will enter into this vibration, now if you surround yourself with complaining and pessimistic people, be careful! For they may be lowering their vibrational frequency.
3th - The Songs
Songs are very powerful. Pay attention to the lyrics of the songs you listen to and remember: you attract into your life exactly what you vibrate.
4th - Things You Watch
When you watch programs that address misfortune. Your brain accepts it as a reality and releases all the chemistry in your body, causing your vibrational frequency to be affected. Watch things that do you good.
5th - The Environment
Whether at home or at work, if you spend a lot of your time in a messy, dirty environment, it will also affect your frequency. Improve what is around you.
Show the Universe that you are fit to receive much more. Take care of what you already have!
6th - The Speech

If you complain or speak badly about things and people, that also affects you. Eliminate the habit of complaining and speaking ill of others. Take Responsibility for the Choices of Your Life. 

7th - Gratitude

Gratitude positively affects your frequency, this is a habit you should incorporate right now into your life. Start to thank for everything. Gratitude opens the door for good things to flow positively into your life
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